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EP 266: Supreme Beings of Leisure: Never give up your dream

Today's show is less of an interview and more of a wine-fueled roundtable where we talk about music, friendship, business, and how they all fit together.

My co-host is Dennis White aka Latroit. He was my guest on the very first episode of Rebel Radio and has made a few appearances over the years. We're interviewing his friend and fellow Berklee alum Ramin Sakurai of Supreme Beings of Leisure.

You may remember them as one of the top trip-hop acts of the late 90s/early 2000s. Their hit "Never The Same" was one of the core tracks that bridged hip hop, dance music, jazz, funk, dub, and more into cool vibes.

They've been gone from the scene for a while, but came back this year with their first new release in 14 years.

Let's get into it. Some links below to check out after you listen

And the new Latroit remix of SBL's "Desert":


Mix Engineer: James Soriano




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