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The hitmakers impacting modern culture today have built their influence not only through raw artistic talent but through entrepreneurial prowess.


Rebel Radio shines a light on cultural pioneers. We engage the influencers who define what we wear, watch, listen to, and play with — and how we spend our spare time and loose change — and explore what it means to be a creative entrepreneur today. We celebrate the rebels who innovate, collaborate, and penetrate the consciousness of young America and the world.


Our weekly interview show explores the journeys of those who do it best in all areas of youth culture. We learn how they stay creative in the face of relentless distractions and setbacks. How they make something where previously nothing existed, how they find inspiration and influence, as well as how they inspire and influence other. Each episode provides insights into the essence of entrepreneurship, of taking control of one’s own destiny, and of building businesses and legacies against all odds.



Josh Levine has a discerning eye for talent. His 20-year career began in journalism, writing about fledgling hip-hop culture for such publications as The Source, Vibe, URB, and XXL. Josh worked as a talent manager with some of the West Coast’s most credible hip-hop acts, including WC of the Westside Connection.


Today, Josh is CEO of culture-marketing boutique Rebel Industries, which specializes in connecting leading consumer brands with underground talent.


Josh's work ranges from pairing Mayer Hawthorne with Mazda to partnering Camarena Tequila with a dozen of the nation’s most credible chefs. He is responsible for integrating Dr Pepper into the fiercely underground world of competitive video games and shepherding 7UP into the world of EDM. Josh led the most successful culture marketing initiative of the last decade for the launch of Toyota’s Scion division, identifying hundreds of DJs, graffiti artists, street-wear designers, tuners, and nightclub promoters to develop content and events for the brand.

Rebel Radio Host - Josh Levine
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