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EP 261: Seun Kuti: Musicianship + Ideology

"The future is a mystery," Seun tells us, now back home in Lagos, Nigeria, after his latest world tour.

He's been leading his father's band, Egypt 80, since he was 14, stepping up to the mic after Fela's untimely death. Twenty-five years later, he says he never "took over" the band, but instead "we just kept playing... it's always been a collective mission for me."

Our interview gets into some real issues of globalization, class struggle, and corrupt narratives that fill public discourse across media and entertainment. Seun's outlook is bleak: "it seems like humanity is hell bent on destroying itself," and yet somehow hopeful at the same time, fueled by his love for his family.

Let's get to it...

Also make sure you check out his latest project, African Dreams, with Black Thought:


Mix Engineer: James Soriano




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