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EP 248: Stage Pilot founder Chris Korbey: VIP experiences, in-person and online

The Pandemic changed everything.

It meant the end of some companies, the beginning of others, and for still others — a pivot, or multiple pivots. Perhaps no industry was reshaped more than live entertainment. In many ways, we still haven't reached the other side, as performers, promoters, technologists, and fans continue to reevaluate how they're going to behave, with a mix of in-person and virtual experiences.

Chris Korbey's Stage Pilot is one of the many companies who had to / got to rethink what business they're in. The asked themselves, "what would a VIP experience look like with no venue? So we started going to artists and saying, like, what can you not do on stage? Like, what is the thing you've always wanted to do?"

Let's dig-in to Chris's journey and how he's building a team that's prepared to take on whatever the future brings us.

And check out Stage Pilot's upcoming experiences here:


Mix Engineer: James Soriano




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