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EP 243: Rob Swift: What else?

Rob Swift is a turntable legend. He's been a DMC champion, a member of the X-Men (later X-Ecutioners) DJ crew, a solo artist and producer, with a new project out now called Halls of Karma featuring The Real DMT, available everywhere you stream your music.

Rob has taught the art of DJing for many years and has recently opened his own school: The Brolic Army DJ School (

He's also a philosopher, reading self-development books and constantly challenging himself, his collaborators, and his students, to stretch beyond their comfort zones and find new depths.

Our interview gets into why anyone should work so hard at DJing when you can just let the machines do it all for you, and why it's so important for DJs to know the history of their craft.

Join us as we explore Rob's extraordinary career.


Mix Engineer: James Soriano




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