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EP 242: Mia Martina: Dream big

Mia Martina is a real-life overnight success story.

Her first time in a recording studio was to record vocals for "Stereo Love" for Edward Maya. The song was an instant hit and now has over 50 million YouTube views and has been streamed hundreds of millions of times all over the world. It was the opposite of grinding your way to success.

But for Mia, that was only the beginning. She quickly had to figure out the rest of her career, and made some mistakes along the way that are completely understandable. "Read your contracts," was one of the big lessons she learned the hard way.

We talk about Mia's journey, which has led her to co-author "Boss Up Your Life" with Ky-Lee Hanson to help women turn their talents into money making machines.

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Mix Engineer: James Soriano




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