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EP 240: Tritonal feat. Chad Cisneros: Productivity and Purpose

Tritonal's Chad Cisneros gives us some insight into how he and his partner have stayed at the top of the electronic music game for over a decade.

First, it's about productivity: "You produce when you're sad and you produce and you're mad. You produce when you're lonely and you produce when you're inspired and you produce and you're uninspired and you produce every day because that's what you need to do."

It's also about purpose. Their new album, Resonance, is an hour-long meditation record. They stepped away from dance-floor bangers and trance epics to dig share a bit of the personal transformation they've been going through. Chad explains the value in taking a break from the success formula they've been following: It allowed us to slow down, go back home to roots. And now it's so fun again to really approach songwriting because we really have become better songwriters and we work with amazing songwriters. The difference now is now we have a really focused message."

Check out Tritonal's Resonance here:


Mix Engineer: James Soriano




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