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EP 224: Cameron Almasi: How to compete with huge companies

Cameron is founder of Intertia Artist Management which handles the careers of some artists on the bubble (meaning you prolly never heard of them but your kids might have, or they will) including 10k.Caash, 7ru7h, and Spaceman Zack and producer of the Family Business Festival, a partnership with Young Thug.

We talk about the pivots he's made in his career so far — from metal to EDM and now hip hop, from promotion to management — and what he sees for the future.

He also shares what it's like being an independent promoter in a business dominate by a couple giants, and how he turns that size difference into a competitive advantage: "We're boutique of two dudes, and we're just really good at our jobs and we push and go the extra mile to make sure every show sells out. And we're looking for artists that we can push to the next level of artistry and to build a brand that consumers trust."


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Mix Engineer: James Soriano




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