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EP 222: Nimesh Patel: How to get people to pay you on YouTube

Nimesh Patel is getting us through quarantine. With two comedy specials — Jokes for Quarantine and PATEL2020 — plus an album — Head Nimesh In Charge — plus snippets popping up reguarly on YouTube and TikTok, he's giving us a steady stream of laughs to keep us going.

Check out our interview where he gives us an hour of insight into how he went from messing around with music to working in private equity to writing for Chris Rock and Hassan Minaj and Awkwafina to being the first Indian writer on SNL to doing his own thing. Learn why the failures along the way are maybe as important as the successes (our words, not his), and what he's learned about making money on YouTube.

You can find him at + everywhere else.


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Mix Engineer: James Soriano




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