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EP 221: Mark de Clive-Lowe: Collaboration, Community and Label Partnerships

We catch Mark de Clive-Lowe at home, but only because it's 2020. Otherwise, he pretty much lives on the road, jumping all over the world to play and make music that spans jazz, hip hop, house.

Although the first album in his collection was Madonna's "Like A Virgin," Mark has built his career on sounds that are a lot more esoteric and a lot less mainstream. He's generous enough to share some of the secrets that have made him an underground king, and he may surprise you a little with his openness to sounds that are outside of his realm.

Learn how Mark switches up his approach for different rooms (or different countries), and what he thinks has made jazz such an important part of our musical heritage for over a century (hint: starts with an I).


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Mix Engineer: James Soriano




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