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EP 210: Reverse episode: Ethan Baer interviews Josh about leadership

Once in a while I like to practice giving up control. This week I hand over the mic (Not literally, we both had mics otherwise you'd only hear one person which wouldn't be great unless we were doing a one-person podcast, which we aren't. So glad we cleared that up.) to my collaborator Ethan Baer. Ethan is an entrepreneur whose hustle I respect a lot, and he had some questions for me about leadership and business smarts.

Of course I start out by telling him some of the ways I've screwed up over the years. Braggadocio! Hopefully by the end we got to some valuable lessons and maybe I'll challenge your perspective on some things. Love to hear from you if I said anything you liked or hated.

In the intro I also also ramble on a bit about what it means to be a rebel, which you'd think I would have down to a clean one-liner by now. I don't. I basically make the argument that rebellion is about bringing new ideas into the world, which are likely to meet a lot of resistance on their way to becoming mainstream. I hope our show challenges you to think about what ideas are burning in your brain, and maybe take some action to create your own rebellion.

If you want to learn more about Ethan (which you should), you can check out my previous interview with him here:

He has also co-hosted a couple episodes with me:

- Blake Coppelson, founder of the Proximity dance music label and YouTube channel:

- Gareth Emery, global superstar trance DJ and producer:


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Music featured in this episode:

KOH - 4Da Soul

THRWDWN ft. B4NG B4NG - Fresh

Courtesy of White House Music (

Mix Engineer: James Soriano




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