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EP 209: Disco Donnie: Time + Effort + Love

Legendary rave promoter Disco Donnie is our guest this week.

He was perhaps the only promoter to be prosecuted under the draconian "crack house statutes" that were invoked to try to bring down dance music in the late 90s. Even that couldn't stop him.

Today, his operation is stronger than ever. Donnie recently bought back the company that bears his name and is producing some of the most popular raves in the country. Even in the middle of a pandemic, Donnie is making bold moves.

He's got big lessons to share about having a vision and going after it.

You can check out his shows at

You can also hear him as a panelist at our AMP Music Summit back in May:

Music featured in this episode:

THRWDWN ft David Ware: You With Me

THRWDWN: Hot Trees

Courtesy of White House Music (


Mix Engineer: James Soriano




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