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EP 206: Peace Inside Live with Shira Lazar and Jordana Reim: How to make the most of what you have

I love this one because we're highlighting two entrepreneurs building something in the middle of a pandemic.

They aren't waiting for things to get back to normal. They know they don't have it all figured out. They're just executing. They're passionate about the cause, and they're using what they have to create value, to be a beacon for other people, and to build a community of people who care about the same things. Sounds like a formula for success.

Shira Lazar was a previous guest on the show. She's the founder and host of What's Trending and is a social influencer and entrepreneur. We're excited to welcome her back to the show.

She's partnered with Jordana Reim — former advertising executive and yoga teacher and host of Mount Everest Base Camp wellness experiences — to create Peace Inside Live (, a community of instructors hosting classes in yoga, mindfulness, and other resources to impact our mental and physical well-being. Much needed in 2020 and pretty much always as the challenges of modern living continue to pile up.

In our interview, they share a bit about how they got a new business off the ground in the midst of all this craziness as well as how they're continuing to learn on the job and to allow collaborators the room to bring their unique contributions.

After you listen to this episode, you're going to want to take a class with them. Classes are free so don't forget to make a donation.


If you liked this one, check out our first interview with Shira.

Mix Engineer: James Soriano




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