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EP 203: Persue: How to build a brand that will outlive you

Could Bunny Kitty become the next Snoopy? Persue is gonna find out.

Today, graf artist Persue gives us a masterclass in branding. After getting his start as a designer for DC Shoes, he went on to build a career painting walls and doing brand work, and then developed Bunny Kitty, an anime-inspired character that has turned into its own brand including clothing and accessories, plush toys, and a children's book, with more to come.

He also created the Wetpaint movement (@wearewetpaint) which features hand-painted "wet paint" subway signs in collaboration with artists from all over the world.

Great lessons in the evolution of a career and creating a legacy.

Want to work on your coloring or lettering styles? You can download free Bunny Kitty worksheets at

Music featured in this episode:

THRWDWN: Old Skool Beat

KOH: 4Da Soul

Courtesy of White House Music (


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Mix Engineer: James Soriano




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