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EP 202: Gareth Emery: Never Give Up

On this episode we introduce a new co-host: Ethan Baer. Ethan is SVP and head of electronic music at Create Music Group and was previously co-founder of Ethan is a talented entrepreneur and was a guest on a the show in 2018. You can listen to that episode here.

This time he helps me interview British trance god Gareth Emery. Gareth has won the prestigious A State of Trance Tune of the Year award three times and has ranked as high as #7 on the DJ Mag Top 100. He makes funny videos, including the "We Are CVNT5" series, hosts radio shows and pocasts and makes us tired with his incredible work ethic.

In our interview, he explains it wasn't always this way. He almost lost it all after some early success, and his dad had to step in with some fatherly wisdom. Today, you get the benefit of his scars, as he drops some gems on us about hard work, perseverence, all that boring shit.


If you liked this one, check out our interview with Ethan Baer

Mix Engineer: James Soriano




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