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EP 199: Ryden: Be Your Own Superhero

One of the amazing things about music is how people come to it as a career. Some start out as kids and never stop down that path. Others pick it up late and just jump right in. Ryden shows us that maybe the path matters.

She studied classical music as a kid, then became an athlete and martial artist, a pre-med student in college, a TV host doing interviews on red carpets, and then finally started DJing, rapping, and producing. She also overcame physical and mental health challenges and, as she says, became her own superhero.

One of her guiding principles comes from Tony Robbins and could not be more relevant in 2020: "Instead of asking, 'how is this the worst thing that ever happened to me?' Ask yourself, 'how is this the best thing that's ever happened to me?' That's when it becomes fun. Because, yes, this is hard, but there's awesome things that are coming out of it, too."

Click now to hear her incredible story.


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Mix Engineer: James Soriano




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