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EP 190: Latroit: How to win a GRAMMY

We're back once again with Dennis White aka Latroit aka Static Revenger. He was our very first guest ever, and came back a couple years ago and interviewed me. Links below. Since then he won a GRAMMY for best remix of Depeche Mode's "You Move," and today we're learning a bit about what that does for someone's career and how to leverage wins to keep the momentum going. This is a short episode, and it's part one of three with Latroit. Coming up, we'll be tackling a couple topics relevant to his business and seeing what we can learn from each other. Love to hear what you think of that format if you want to leave us a comment. Links to some of the things we discuss in the show: Sean Penn, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff: David Byrne, How Music Works: Simon Napier Bell, Ta-Ra-Ra-Boom-De-Ay: Rebel Radio Episode 1 featuring Dennis White: Rebel Radio Two Year Anniversary Episode featuring Dennis White: Depeche Mode, You Move (Latroit Remix): Latroit, Nice:


Mix Engineer: James Soriano




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