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EP 176: Samantha Ronson: The Tastemaker LIVE from Cannes Lions

I met up with Samantha Ronson at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity and we sat on the rooftop of the FQ Lounge overlooking the Bay of Cannes. Not a bad place to talk to one of the world's most interesting DJs. The audio is a little funky because we're outdoors but our expert producer was able to make it sound pretty good. Samantha shared some details of her personal life — famous family, famous relationships — and a lot about her journey as a musician. We almost managed to get into an argument about "woke culture" but unfortunately it turns out we pretty much agree. Side note: If you're in a creative business, you should definitely be attending Cannes Lions. It's June in the South of France, so how could you go wrong? Also make sure you check out to learn about the great work they're doing to advance equality in corporate America.


Mix Engineer: James Soriano


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