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EP 176: Samantha Ronson: The Tastemaker LIVE from Cannes Lions

I met up with Samantha Ronson at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity and we sat on the rooftop of the FQ Lounge overlooking the Bay of Cannes. Not a bad place to talk to one of the world's most interesting DJs. The audio is a little funky because we're outdoors but our expert producer was able to make it sound pretty good. Samantha shared some details of her personal life — famous family, famous relationships — and a lot about her journey as a musician. We almost managed to get into an argument about "woke culture" but unfortunately it turns out we pretty much agree. Side note: If you're in a creative business, you should definitely be attending Cannes Lions. It's June in the South of France, so how could you go wrong? https://www.canneslions.com Also make sure you check out https://www.thefemalequotient.com to learn about the great work they're doing to advance equality in corporate America.

EDM.com Track of the Week: Troy. - Unlimited Racks (feat. Ardy Reapz)

Mix Engineer: James Soriano