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EP 157: Louie Vega: You have to put in the time

Warning: This episode contains a lot of great music. If you like house music, you owe Louie Vega a debt of gratitude. As a DJ, remixer, producer, label head, and as one half of Masters at Work, Louie has had a big hand in shaping what the world listens to and dances to over the last 30+ years. With a string of Grammy nominations (and a win!), #1 records all over the world, and a long list of top DJs and artists he's influenced, inspired, and helped, few people have left such an indelible mark on culture. The most striking thing about Louie is his work ethic and painstaking attention to detail. He's in it to win it and puts the work in. We also learn how he balances that preparedness with improvisation and how he makes his family work (including working with his wife). Enjoy!


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Mix Engineer: James Soriano


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