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EP 147: DJ Revolution: How to operate under pressure

DJ Revolution was the DJ on the World Famous Wake-Up Show for 12 years. He’s an instructor at Scratch Academy, host of The Cut on YouTube, producer, and was a contestant, and then a judge on BET’s Master of the Mix. He’s one of the most respected DJs around. We dropped by Scratch to cut it up with DJ Rev, learning what drives him to be the best at what he does and how being so driven can be both a blessing and a curse. Check it out y’all. Also make sure you check out our sponsors in this episode: Go to for a free 30 day trial and your first book is free Get $50 toward select mattresses by visiting and using REBELRADIO at checkout. Terms and conditions apply. Check out a free trial of FIN's on-demand assistant service.


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Mix Engineer: James Soriano


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