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EP 145: MICK @ Cannes Lions: I treat my life like a brand

MICK (formerly Mick Boogie) is co-creator of my favorite mixtape series, Summertime vols. 1-9, which he produces with DJ Jazzy Jeff. So I was excited to catch-up with him at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity — the annual gathering of the global advertising industry. MICK and I were among the few attendees representing the culture side of things. In between the yacht parties and the beach parties (MICK was DJing for Twitter, among others) MICK shared some insights into how he makes moves in hip hop as well as tech and corporate circles, and why being nice is just a good strategy. Check it.


If you liked this episode, check out our interview with Zen Freeman. Track of the Week: Dunson - Last Breath

Mix Engineer: James Soriano


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