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EP 141: Jillionaire: You have to put in the work

Rebel Radio LIVE at Collision Conference Part 1 of 3: Jillionaire We caught up with Jillionaire at the Collision Conference in New Orleans this spring. He’s one third of the EDM powerhouse Major Lazer, and now a solo artist and label chief at Feel Up Records. He’s also a minister of rum for Bacardi, and collaborated with his bandmates to create a Major Laser edition rum. In our short interview, he gave us the rundown on how he continues to infuse Caribbean culture into dance music, and how he’s been able to diversify and create multiple brands. The secret: Never stop working. Enjoy. And come back next week for our second interview live from Collision.


If you liked this episode, check out part 1 of our interview with Ookay. Track of the Week: TrippyThaKid, Ellis Delta - Chin Up

Mix Engineer: James Soriano


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