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EP 140: Bosko: How to coach yourself (or find a coach)

So many good lessons in this one. So many that we cut it into two parts. You may know Bosko from his work with E-40, or Kanye. He’s an old friend and a great producer. I was his manager for a few years in the 90s and we made my first record deal together. This week, we talk about perfectionism and the power of deadlines. We talk about how hard it is to have open communication, especially when you’re young. We talk about learning to pivot when things don’t go according to plan, and learning when to take the money and keep it moving. Make sure you come back next week and hear what Bosko is up to now. He’s launching a tech startup. Exciting stuff.


If you liked this episode, check out our interview with AMG. Track of the Week: Fivel - Stay in Tonight

Mix Engineer: James Soriano


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