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EP 118: Dave Anthony LIVE at LA Podcast Festival: Don’t let the bass player sing

This year Rebel Radio was invited to participate in the LA Podcast Festival. We chose as our guest the founder of the festival, Dave Anthony, who is also a really funny comedian and the host of The Dollop podcast which takes boring facts from American History and turns them into funny stories. In front of a live audience, Dave takes us through the twists and turns of his career and drops some amazing lessons on us, like these: On the key to success: Don’t be an asshole On launching a festival: the amount of work that goes into it is far beyond anything you can imagine. On Donald Trump: He won, by the way. On partnerships: I don't work great with other people On making famous friends: Go make famous friends. That's your assignment. On education: Fuck the people that need an education.


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Mix Engineer: James Soriano


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