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EP 115: Adam 12 and Brian Tarney: How to trust your instincts

We had Adam 12 on the show a couple years because he’s a great DJ. If you don’t know, he used to DJ for Obama, Prince, and lots of other important people, and also holds down some of our favorite nights out. He shared some insights in exploring creativity and blazing your own path.

Adam’s back with his co-founder Brian Tarney to tell us about their new music festival: Cloak and Dagger. It’s this weekend in Los Angeles and you should go.

We also got some great lessons in creating an experience for people — making them feel safe and also challenging them at the same time. Amazing stories and a lot of great music in this one.


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If you liked this episode, check out our first interview with DJ Adam 12. Track of the Week: ONE&TWO - Vivere

Mix Engineer: James Soriano


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