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EP 110: Richard Greene: How to do what you love - Part 1

Richard Greene is one of the smartest people you’re likely to come across. A few decades back, as a young lawyer, he attended Tony Robbins’s very first seminar. Moved by what he heard, he approached Tony to thank him and offer his assistance. Tony hired him on the spot as his lawyer, and later his business manager. Since then, Richard has been tapped by business leaders, politicians, and celebrities to help them become better communicators. He’s written books and delivered a popular TED talk about public speaking, and is now seeking to change the way we choose our elected officials. Richard came through the studio to offer his tips for giving speeches that move people, but more importantly for discovering what we’re really here to do. His secret: "I just wake up every day saying 'What do I want to do when I grow up?’" This one has so much good stuff that we split it into two. Get the first half here and come back next week for more.

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Mix Engineer: James Soriano


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