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EP 108: Special edition: The reverse interview with Dennis White

Dennis White was my first guest on Rebel Radio when we launched two years ago. He shared some great stories about how he’s built a career making music in various forms, various genres, under various names. It was a great way to kickoff the show. So on the occasion of our two-year anniversary, I figured I’d check back in with him to see what new lessons he might have for us. I figured wrong. Instead of obliging my questions, Dennis took grabbed the mic and proceeded to interview me. We dug into my long and sometimes ridiculous career path and managed to uncover a lot of “what not to do.” Turns out I also learned a couple valuable things along the way, namely… * Get to know yourself really well and make decisions that work for you, which may not be the right answers for anyone else. * Just do stuff. Don’t dwell on how hard it’s going to be. Be in it for the experience and the journey. * Pay attention to your influences. Just because you see something in a movie, that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. We also talk about the work I’ve been doing lately with Linkin Park. We recorded the interview just days before the tragic death of their lead singer, Chester Bennington. It’s a terrible loss for fans around the world, and a massive reminder that we only have each other in this world. In case you or someone you know needs support, here are some resources: Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK Crisis Text Line, the free, nationwide, 24/7 text message service for people in crisis, is here to support. For support in the United States, text HELLO to 741741 or message at For support outside the US, find resources at #RIPCHESTER


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Mix Engineer: James Soriano


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