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EP 109: Steve Hofstetter: How to focus on the audience

Josh’s guest Steve Hofstetter knows that when he goes up on stage, his job is to make sure the crowd has a good time. It’s not about getting through his set, telling the jokes he’s worked hard at writing, or destroying the heckler who’s trying to mess things up for him. It’s only about the crowd. To many of us forget that in life. We focus on the obstacles, the haters, the conditions that stand in the way of our success. Steve is here to teach us how to focus on the outcome. He’s built a great following online and at his shows by doing just this. When he gets heckled, as all comics do, he handles it in a way that’s fun for the audience, and then he posts it to his YouTube and gets millions of views. Everyone wins. Check out today’s episode, then check out Steve online and go to one of his shows.

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Mix Engineer: James Soriano


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