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EP 100: Sofi Tukker: How to be an ambassador for joy

Welcome to our second of three episodes recorded live at Coachella. Super big shout-out to the folks at Goldenvoice for hooking us up with press passes and letting us storm the field with our recording gear. Make sure you listen to the other two. Sofi Tukker makes it look easy. In person, as on record, the duo has an effortless charm that just seems like they’re having a lot of fun together. In our interview, they’re full of compliments for each other and their team, and appreciation for their fans. It’s infectious. We caught up backstage at Coachella and got them to share a few secrets before they hit the field to party. They give us some insights into how they work together so well and how they adjusted to (y’all might call it a pivot) early signs of success. Check out the episode and make sure you check out our sponsor

If you liked this episode, check out our other interview recorded live at Coachella with Jesse Flemming Track of the Week: Broken Roots - Rather Sleep Alone

Mix Engineer: James Soriano


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