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EP 99: DoLab's Jesse Flemming: How to do it without a plan

This week we bring you the first of three episodes recorded live on the field at Coachella. We talked the Coachella people into giving us press passes so we could sit down with a few creative folks in the midst of one of the world’s largest cultural phenomena. If you don’t already know, Coachella is special because it brings together people from all walks of life. Old and young, rich and poor, indie rockers, hip hop heads, ravers. Sophisticated music lovers and people going to their first festival. For us, it’s a life-changing experience, every year. Our guest today is part of the reason Coachella is so amazing. Jesse and his brothers are the producers of the Lightning in a Bottle festival, the Dirtybird Campout, and the DoLab stage at Coachella. Truly one of the best experiences you’ll have at Coachella. Sort of a hippie rave vibe but calling it that doesn’t do it any justice. Jesse takes time out backstage to let us in on a couple of DoLab's secrets. They never intended to start a festival — they were just trying to have some fun and find outlets for their art. As they’ve gotten more successful, they’ve also continued to question the mission and whether their success is aligned with their motivation. That, and a couple lessons in how to build a great company and curate for 25,000 people coming up in today’s episode.

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Mix Engineer: James Soriano


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