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EP 95: Karam Gill: Lessons from the G-Funk era

G-Funk was the sound that truly brought hip-hop into the mainstream. Dr. Dre’s The Chronic ignited a cultural firestorm that would blaze for the better part of the 90s and embed rap music into every aspect of modern culture by putting streetwise, often violent storytelling over smoothed-out George Clinton samples and live instrumentation. We could take you through all of the twists and turns, but without Dre, there’s no Drake. Our guest today, Karam Gill, is telling the West Coast gangsta rap story in a new documentary, G-Funk. Told from the viewpoint of Warren G — producer, rapper, and Dr. Dre’s stepbrother — and the other creators of the sound that shook the foundation of our world. Karam lets us in on his secret — how he scored his first documentary gig, which happened to be about a movement that happened before he was even born. Most youngsters wouldn’t even have had the guts to ask for this job. He didn’t just ask: he got it.

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Mix Engineer: James Soriano


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