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EP 85: DJ Skee: How to just go for it and not worry about mistakes

DJ Skee has retired from more successful careers than most people have ever had. He's been a DJ, producer, marketer, TV host. Mark Cuban called him the Oprah of music and he's been called the Ryan Seacrest of hip-hop.

These days, he's the founder of Dash Radio, which aims to be the #1 online radio platform in the world. They're off to a good start: Dash hosts Rebel Radio on the Theory of Mind channel, and also features shows from many of our previous guests: Baka Boyz, DJ Hapa, Beat Junkies (Mr. Choc episode), Strange Music (Dave Weiner episode).

We stopped by the Dash Radio studios to catch Skee on his location. No surprise — he's one of the sharpest minds you'll come across. Articulate, thoughtful, and fast. He fires off details and theories; we just try to keep up.

Skee's formula for success:

- Just go for it: take risks

- Absorb information; do your research

- Know when to let go so you can make room for the next thing

Hope you enjoy the interview as much as we did. Check it out here

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Mix Engineer: James Soriano


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