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EP 81: DJ Hapa [part 1]: How to be bilingual in business

Calling Hapa a DJ doesn’t quite tell the whole story. Actually, his story is so big that we had to split the interview in to two episodes so we could bring you all of the lessons he has to share.

In Part 1, we’ll dig into the beginnings of Hapa’s journey — from early inspiration from the Invisibl Scratch Picklz to becoming America’s first TV news DJ, to launching the LA campus of Scratch DJ Academy and helping build that brand as a leader in DJ culture.

We get some insight into how Q-Bert is like a pro athlete and how Hapa used his outgoing nature to create opportunities for himself when he was starting out.

Part 2 gets way more personal, so make sure you come back next week.

If you liked this episode, check out our interview with AJ Bertenshaw. Track of the Week: Audiobot & Bamiyah - Lies

Mix Engineer: James Soriano


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