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EP 79: Taso: How to keep it positive no matter what

Taso is an interesting dude.

Boston street kid with a heavy spiritual side and a powerful positive mental attitude. In our interview, he quotes The Four Agreements and remembers The LOX vs. G-Unit battle. How often do both of those come up in the same conversation?

He seems like the type of dude who would find a way to be successful at whatever he does. But he’s also 100% music.

As part of the Teklife collective, Taso is helping bring the footwork genre to the forefront of dance music. Never heard of footwork? That’s because you’re sleeping. All you need to know is it’s gonna make you dance.

He stopped by the studio to promote his new EP, New Start, out this month, and to share some of his secrets:

- How to stay competitive without competing

- How to be creative when you’re on the road

- How to keep the negativity out of your life

Hope you enjoy.

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Track of the Week feature from TASO's album NEW START: AM TRACK - SALVIA REMIX

Mix Engineer: James Soriano


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