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EP 78: Patti Astor: Vote With Your Feet. Vote in the Street.

Patti Astor is punk as f…

She was the star of hip hop first great b-movie, Wild Style. As the owner of the FUN Gallery, she helped to promote the careers of important graffiti artists like Jean Michel Basquiat, Dondi, Rammellzee, Lee, Futura.

She never really made a dime. And that’s kind of how she wanted it. In a world filled with opportunists and con artists, we have Patti Astor:

"I made a commitment to those guys when they came into FUN Gallery that this is going to be the artist's gallery and I'm going to make it my promise to you that you are always going to be represented the way that you need to be seen. Just because they're all gone doesn't mean that commitment is over.”

At age 66, still as idealistic and opinionated as ever, Patti graciously came by our studios to drop knowledge as only the Queen of the Downtown Screen can. All you young badasses can learn a thing or two from her incredible stories. A couple of her lessons:

- Never sell out. She’s going to tell you exactly how she does it, and it’s painful.

- Live for the danger.

- How to hustle like Madonna

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* Track of the Week: Just Matthew - Leak

Mix Engineer: James Soriano


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