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EP 77: Slimkid3: It's good when you hit rock bottom because there's nothing but you.

Slimkid3 was a member of The Pharcyde back in the 90s, bringing us some of the most fun hip-hop at a time when most of the music coming out of New York and LA was so damn serious. Their hits like "Passin’ Me By” and “Runnin’” blew up worldwide, and then everything fell apart for the group. Now Tre is in our studio telling us how he was able to start over and build a career that’s now into its third decade. Today, he’s partners with DJ Nu-Mark in TRDMRK; he’s part of the rock band Backbone, and he’s performing live with his former bandmate under the name Bizarre Ride, as well as tearing up the dance floor as a DJ. A couple secrets to his success: - Just don’t give a fuck. He’ll tell you how things started happening when he learned to stop caring what people thing. - Get lost in the music. Spend time listing to the muse. - Never let someone else define your path. Dig in here and let us know if you dig it, ya dig?

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* Track of the Week: J Doze & Kojo a. - Outkast

Mix Engineer: James Soriano


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