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EP 75: Shira Lazar: How to be a boss in Social Media

Shira Lazar graciously let us into her home, made us espresso, and gave us her secrets to being a digital media celebrity.

More than almost anyone else, Shira has bridged the gap between traditional and digital media. After starting out as a tv newscaster, she learned that blogs and social media gave her more control over her own destiny. Instead of waiting for someone to hire her to report the news, she could reach viewers directly through her own channels.

That shift brought tremendous opportunity, like becoming her own brand and appearing on countless red carpets and getting complements from legends like Joan Rivers. It also brought some big challenges, as you’ll hear in our interview.

She teaches us some valuable lessons, such as:

- Too much self-awareness can be a bad thing

- How to balance creating value for your audience with creating value for yourself

- When to work for free and when to say no

Mix Engineer: James Soriano


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