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EP 73: James Haunt: How to make people want more

This week’s episode is part of our ARTxWORK REBELS series, in partnership with Guerilla One. Check out all of the ARTxWORK REBELS episodes at James Haunt comes through the studio to tell us how he’s moved from graffiti to streetwear design to corporate art. After spending much of his childhood in jail, he hit a turning point after landing in the hospital from a beating by the cops. Dude is still on the rise but is quickly building an impressive body of work. Here’s how he does it, in addition to a ton of long hours and hard work: - He knows when to say no - Be easy to work with He’ll tell you more about how he does both of those things here.

* Track of the Week: Yang Jalapeño - Marty

Mix Engineer: James Soriano


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