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EP 72: Milana Vayntrub: Enough about me; let’s talk about you

Milana is the star of your favorite AT&T commercials (Her character may or may not be called “the cute and funny girl in the blue shirt.”) as well as the hit YouTube show Let’s Talk About Something More Interesting. She’s also the founder of Can’t Do Nothing (, which doesn’t do nothing. It makes content and raises money and awareness to help refugees worldwide. Josh met Milana at TEDxHollywood and tricked begged forced allowed (the first three are supposed to be crossed out — can we do that?) her to come on the show. Little did we know, she’d refuse to answer any of his questions and conducted her own interview of our host instead. He thinks maybe she was hitting on him. He’s wrong. With that, we bring you possibly our weirdest episode yet. We hope you like it.

* Track of the Week: Cymba - Paths ft. Josh Rubin

Mix Engineer: James Soriano


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