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EP 70: Jarret Myer: How to be number one at something

Jarret Myer is one of our favorite entrepreneurs. He's built at least three successful companies, including Rawkus Records, which helped launch the careers of folks we love, like Mos Def, Talib Kweli, El-P (now of Run the Jewels), High & Mighty, among others. In many ways, Rawkus kept hip-hop rooted in the underground just as it was breaking through to the mainstrem.

He also launched and currently runs, which seeks to bring an insightful perspective to the insanely competitive world of digital publishing, in which his contemporaries have all but abandoned editorial or artistic integrity in order to squeeze out a few more clicks.

Jarret comes through with all of the wisdom you'd expect from someone in his position. Among the gems:

1. Know your mission statement.

2. Figure out your superpower. Then you'll know your place on the team.

3. Ask yourself really hard questions.

Start with those, then dig into the whole episode for so much more.

* Track of the Week: Gould - Twins of Gemini

Mix Engineer: James Soriano


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