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EP 69: Jennifer Kushell: How to do what you love and make a global impact

This week we bring you a very special recording of our first ever LIVE podcast. Brought to you in partnership with Honda Financial Services. To all you college grads out there, this is your time. And Honda’s here to help you get going. Save $500 on any 2016 or newer Honda vehicle. Check out to learn more. Our guest, Jennifer Kushell, came up on stage and told amazing stories from her journey as an entrepreneur — from starting her first business at 13 to writing her first book at 24: the New York Times bestseller, Secrets of the Young & Successful — to her work with brands like Subway and Bloomberg to help bridge the gap between corporate employers and young professionals. She tries to make both sides smarter and help them find common ground. Check out Jen’s website: Our favorite lessons we can take from her: Think like an economist; act like an entrepreneur. Don’t just show up and say you’ll do whatever an employer wants you to. You might think it makes you sound helpful, but it mostly makes you sound desperate. Instead, learn what you’re most passionate about and then go make it happen. Don’t panic. Jen, like most successful people, has been through the ups and downs. She’s been on the verge of bankruptcy, and on private planes flying around the world to inspire entrepreneurs in remote corners. She takes it in stride and so should you. Make sure you listen to this episode, and make sure you subscribe at so you can get an invite to our next live event.

Mix Engineer: James Soriano


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