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EP 68: Michael Delahaut: How to make opportunity come to you

This episode is part of our ongoing ARTWORK REBELS series — hosted in partnership with Guerilla One — in which we talk to the most talented and creative people creating art in the streets. Check for other ARTWORK REBELS episodes. Michael Delahaut, aka Wise, is a bit of a double agent. As a member of the Seventh Letter crew, he’s a graffiti veteran. By day, he’s a creative director who’s worked on groundbreaking campaigns for Nike, Sprint, and of course Scion, which is how he knows Josh. He comes by the Rebel Radio studios to tell Josh and Eddie what it’s like to be a real life superhero with a secret identity, how graffiti and advertising are basically the same hustle, and how he built his career by simply going for it. He tells a great story about getting his start in business. The lesson: Just Do It. Wise also tells us about his latest project — a collab with House of Pain’s Danny Boy — Delta Bravo Urban Exploration. They’re finding iconic locations from important movies and music videos and bringing them back into the cultural conversation. Fun stuff. Check it out now.

* Track of the Week: Openwater - Tough Love ft. JTG & GChild

Mix Engineer: James Soriano


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