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EP 67: Mattie Safer: How to Find Something Better

Mattie Safer has made music across three genres. You might know him as the bassist for The Rapture, the indie (or something) band whose track House of Jealous Lovers was called a top-10 song of the decade by NME. But Mattie’s true passion is in soul and hip-hop. So much so that he left The Rapture so he could make music that really speaks to him. His debut EP — All We Are — feels like more of a tribute to Stevie Wonder and Curtis Mayfield, or at least Bobby Caldwell, than anything from the early 2000s electro era. He comes by the studio to tell us what it’s like to walk away from success in search of something bigger, to organize everything in life around a single pursuit. Listen to the interview here.

* Track of the Week: Xxx – Danny-indigo-kojo-a-future-lover

Mix Engineer: James Soriano


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