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EP 66: Slick

This week’s episode is another installment in our ARTWORK REBELS series in partnership with Guerilla One. Check out the others at If you don’t know OG Slick, you don’t know LA graffiti. My dude has been famous since the 80s. More precisely, since the Slick x Hex battle at the Levitz furniture factory, which ended up as an early reality show on local TV. He’s gone on to become one of the most noted artists on the West Coast, if not the world, and a creative force behind early streetwear brands Fuct and Third Rail, and is now the proprietor of Big Dick’s Hardware, a graffiti lifestyle brand and store in Gardena, CA. He’s also the designer of the iconic album cover for The Pharcyde’s A Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde. What you know about that? Slick stops by the studio with Guerilla One’s Eddie Donaldson to talk about his own bizarre ride from Hawaii to the streets of LA to underground superstardom. So many good stories about the golden age. Plus some good lessons for the rest of us: .Choose your friends wisely. And don’t do business with strangers. .Trust your partners (for Slick, that’s his wife). And learn how to separate business from personal. Get it all in right here.

* Track of the Week: Saski - Faking Bright

Mix Engineer: James Soriano


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