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EP 63: Shhh.... How to get your head right with ASMR.

Ally is a YouTube celebrity, with views by the millions on her videos. She’s one of the leaders of the ASMR movement, or genre, or whatever it is. Picture pretty women whispering and playing different characters, or just talking. Whispering, rather. Some people get a tingling sensation and then get very relaxed and fall asleep to these videos. Millions of people. Ally is joined in our studio by her sometimes collaborator, Lane. Lane is a digital marketing expert and host of the Beerlosophy podcast. Our host, Josh, was a guest on Beerlosophy back in January. Check it out on Soundcloud if you want to hear them drink Tsingtao and talk about the value of an idea. Meanwhile, listen in as Josh tries to understand what ASMR is about and digs into lessons in digital marketing, how Ally built her own brand, and why on earth she’s started a company that makes content for brands and another one that’s making 360 VR videos. Josh doesn’t quite get it, but what the hell does he know? He doesn’t even know how to whisper and make people tingle.

* Track of the Week: Gould - Gone

Mix Engineer: James Soriano


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