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EP 62: Bishop Lamont: How to be a street nerd and find tremendous courage

Bishop Lamont is here to teach us about perseverance. As an up-and-coming rapper, he was discovered by Dr. Dre and signed to Aftermath Records, on his way to stardom. That was 11 years ago. He got shelved, dropped, and had to reinvent his career and find another way. He released a series of mixtapes that kept him relevant in the streets while he could figure out how to navigate the business, soaking up game from folks like Dame Dash along the way. He relied on family and his martial arts training to get him through the toughest times. On the eve of the release of his first album — The Reformation — Bishop brings us his tale of never giving up, of staying focused, and of learning to choose friends wisely. He brings valuable lessons for those who would choose a creative path and those who would seek to create social change through business. Get into it, and make sure you get a copy of The Reformation.

* Track of the Week: Noah NorTH - GOAT

Mix Engineer: James Soriano


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