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EP 60: Sacha Jenkins: If you are afraid to fail, you are never going to win ever

Sacha Jenkins is more than a journalist or filmmaker. He’s spent the better part of two decades documenting and commentating hip hop and other underground cultures.

He’s been a creative force behind Mass Appeal magazine, the recent documentary Fresh Dressed, and was a founder of Ego Trip’s subversive media empire that encompassed books and magazines as well as TV shows. If that’s not enough, he also plays in multiple punk bands.

In our interview Sacha gives us insight into a career that started as a humble attempt to make a life by living in the culture he loved. In the process, he’s enlightened and entertained hip hop and graffiti fans all over the world.


He leads with his creativity. Rather than thinking of it as a business, he just creates, and pulls other creative people around him to collaborate. And he isn’t afraid to fail: "If you are afraid to fail you are never going to win ever."

Hear Sacha’s great stories about his journey here.

* Track of the Week: Cas Cray - Smokin'

Mix Engineer: James Soriano


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