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EP 59: Antwon: Have friends that aren’t shitty

Antwon is a rapper. Sort of. That is to say that he raps, but his raps don’t sound like the stuff you’d expect to hear in 2016 if you listen to the Pandora Hip Hop channel or the radio. Antwon’s sound falls somewhere between the uber-backpack rap coming from his label Anticon and Bay Area a la Mac Dre. I’m guessing at this point you have no idea what I’m talking about. He’s also the leader of the Nature World collective, which includes a clothing line and the punk-meets-hip hop Nature World Night Out Fest. He drops by our studio to bring us the latest news from the underground. Spoiler alert: it’s all good. Creativity is alive and well, and Antwon is free to create without worrying what box his music will fit into. He pulls lessons and inspiration from everywhere, even artists like Kid Rock, whose music may be a million miles away. His lesson for you: "Have friends that aren’t shitty." Stay connected to people who care about you and will tell you when you’re making a bad decision. Check it out and don’t forget to hit that Subscribe button in iTunes.

Mix Engineer: James Soriano


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