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EP 56: Saber: How to go out and make the biggest impact

Saber: How to go out and make the biggest impact Saber is not the first to describe graffiti as an addiction. It’s way beyond a simple act of rebellion or self-expression. It's thrill of getting away with it, the positive reinforcement from friends and peers, and of course, the fumes that get so many youngsters hooked after their first hit. In our interview — co-hosted by Eddie Donaldson from Guerilla One — Saber explains how his comrades in the Seventh Letter both fell prey to the addiction and leveraged it to become one of the most powerful graffiti crews in one of America’s largest cities. He also explains how he’s been able to use art as a vehicle for social change, challenging laws that are at times draconian and contradictory, and gives us insight into the challenge of pivoting from the streets to the galleries. All this, and lots of great stories from the heart of the LA graffiti scene. Listen now.

Mix Engineer: James Soriano


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