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EP 53: Eddie Cruz of Undefeated: You have to stand for something

Eddie Cruz is a true innovator. He’s also the co-founder of one of our favorite brands. Undefeated was the first to bridge the gap between athletic apparel and streetwear. In doing so, the brand not only created a global opportunity for itself — 10 stores and counting — but also helped to further the evolution of the genre, including an increasing number of collaborations between upstart streetwear designers and the behemoth sneaker manufacturers. Eddie drops by the studio with Adam Weissman of Stüssy and the band Pollyn (Adam also joined us with Roy Cho in studio) to give us some insight into his path to entrepreneurship. The big lesson: He wasn’t content to follow the path that was laid out for him. So he forged his own, and stuck very close to the streets along the way. Learn all about it, as well as Eddie's near miss at a music career and what’s next for Undefeated, in today’s episode.

Mix Engineer: James Soriano


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